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Sauced in the South is a Tennessee family business and we believe living life to the fullest. Our recipes were developed from three decades of restaurant experience and we’re honored to share them with you through the Bartender in a Bottle product line.

Brunch’s Favorite Bloody Mary! Sauced in the South’s Horseradish Bloody Mary Mix is a complete mix that includes olive juice, Worcestershire sauce, roasted red peppers, cracked black pepper, and of course, a heavy dose of horseradish.

Our Mary Mix is not spicy but has a powerful, yet balanced flavor profile. It pours thick because the vodka and ice are part of your final recipe in the glass. It’s a bartender in a bottle!

Pairs well with BBQ, Steak & Seafood

Additional uses as an ingredient include but are not limited to: Bloody Beers & Michelada, Bloody Maria (Bloody Mary with Tequila), Red Snapper (Bloody Mary with Gin), Chili, Stew & Pot Roast, Meatloaf & Burgers, Oysters

For a spicier Bloody Mary without changing the flavor profile we recommend trying a few drops of our other products like the XXX Bloody Mary Hot Sauce.

Light, Fresh & Natural! Sauced In The South’s Fresh Squeezed Margarita Mix is a clean mix that includes lime, orange, lemon and cane sugar.

Orange is forgotten by most people when making a Margarita. It is the balancing flavor component needed for a perfect drink. We made sure it wasn’t forgotten just for you. Drink on the rocks or with crushed ice with your favorite Tequila. It’s a bartender in a bottle!

Pair with Tacos, Fish and Pork

Additional uses as an ingredient include but are not limited to: Amaretto Sour, Whiskey Sour, Lemon/Citrus Drop, Ice Pick, Mai Tai, Adios MotherF@cker, Long Island Iced Tea, Shark Bite

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

3-4 oz Frozen Strawberries (or other frozen fruit)

2 oz Tequila

3 oz Sauced In The South Fresh Squeezed Margarita Mix

Blend until smooth in a blender

The original Memphis Style Hot Sauce. 901 Pepper Sauce is designed to pair with foods of the Mid-South such as: catfish, cornbread, greens & BBQ. 901 has a manageable heat level that everyone will enjoy! Shake, Pour, Burn!

Made to accompany our Horseradish Bloody Mary Mix. Boost the heat without changing the flavor of your drink. Or if you think you have what it takes, take the One Drink Challenge. Simply add the contents of this bottle to an ice filled pint glass with 3 oz of your favorite vodka. Shake, Pour, Drink & Burn. Cheers!

Sweet Heat is a unique 3 pepper, smoked pineapple sauce. Our playful version of a verde sauce is perfect on chicken, fish & pork. Shake, Pour, Burn! 


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